Hey, my name is


I am a research engineer based in Singapore. My research focuses on understanding human emotions using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. I have won a few awards for my contributions to research and have published my work in reputed conferences. At present, I work at the Institute of High Performance Computing under A*STAR. And previously, I was at NTU and Microsoft.

I started writing code at the age of 13 and won a web app development competition conducted by Oracle. Subsequently, I was awarded the Future Space Scientist by the Indian Space Research Organization (which did not happen though). At the age of 18, I published my first Android app and by 20, I developed and deployed a scalable web application for a startup, Grinions.

Over the years, I’ve become passionate about translating research advancements in emotion recognition into solutions that solve real-world problems. In one of the many ways, I think about how emotions can help in better predicting mental health. Or if emotions can help in detecting misinformation.
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In my spare time, I read about new trends in research and development to keep up with the times.

I recently started blogging my experiences with software development. Yet to publish them. They will be hosted on my blog here in due time. Subscribe below if you want to get updates.

Don't hesitate to reach out by email or on Twitter. I'll be happy to talk!